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Nadine McCrea

This is My Life

By Nadine McCrea | February 4th, 2011 at 3:35pm

More specifically, this is my life UNDERWATER.

Let me explain.

I woke up this morning at 3:46 AM with a screaming headache. I crawled downstairs to inhale Tylenol and languish on the living room sofa. And wait for Jack to wake up so I had someone to complain to. At 5 to 5 (yes, STILL in the AM), I crawled back upstairs to have a nice hot shower....but the nice hot water did not come out of the faucet. Oh no. Oh, water all over the basement floor. FML. So what's a competent, independent-minded girl with a massive headache to do? Wake up her husband, of course. He came to my rescue on his white horse (as usual) and turned off the electricity and just dealt with it. Unfortunately, he is super-busy at work right now, so he doesn't have a lot of free time for home repairs. On the other hand, this is totally his fault. Last weekend, he actually placed his hand on the hot water heater, patted it and said, "Well, this should last for a while." Ugh. Seriously.

I would have uploaded a picture of my calamity to share with you, BUT MY CAMERA ISN'T WORKING EITHER. And I could have driven to Home Depot, but the car was rear-ended two weeks ago and is cuurently in the shop for repairs. Sigh.

So to reiterate:

My Life:

1. No hot water heater.

2. No shower for Nadine.

3. No camera for blogging.

4. No car.

Hope your weekend goes well; you know what mine will look like.


{the great unwashed}
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