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Nadine McCrea

Playing Doctor

By Nadine McCrea | January 26th, 2011 at 10:10am

That title got your attention, huh? You have a naughty, naughty mind! Anyhoo, Jack came home from work on Monday night and said he wasn't feeling well - chest pain (this got my attention), nausea, generally feeling unwell. You get the picture. So off to emergency for us - where we sat for nine freakin' hours during which he felt perfectly healthy. Kill me. I was ready to totally rip out his IV and Bonnie and Clyde him right out of there. In the most loving way possible, of course. I will admit he got excellent care from the doctors and nurses there, but nine hours is a long, long time. One nurse told him that work wasn't everything and he needed to know what ELSE he could do besides work. He said he did know. And this is what he was thinking:

A boat in Margaritaville, yo.

As for me, I was grateful he was ok, but I was also grateful someone left the current issue of Country Living in the waiting room. The magazine was all about living with white - which I love.
So that passed about 30 minutes of time.

What I did notice was the absolutely beautiful medical equipment throughout the hospital - especially the carts. Wouldn't they be beautiful in your home? They are brightly-coloured, multi-functional, and extremely sturdy. The wheels make them easy to move around. Picture a cart for craft supplies, or tools. Or as a wrapping station. It could even be a kitchen island.
I found these babies on

See? Inspiring! It is amazing where you can find creative storage solutions. These guys ran around $250 to $2500; definitely not cheap, but I would assume if they are made to withstand hospital use, they will hold up to whatever your family can dish out.

I also looked at the website for Princess Auto:

Seriously, my heart is racing over this tool chest (that blue!!!!!) - the next trip to emerg may be for me ;P

These items are intended for shop/tool use, but again, easily re-interpreted for the home. (Sorry, the last 2 photos are so small - I just lifted them from the website.)

Where do you get your inspiration?


George Clooney image via google images.
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