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Nadine McCrea

I'm a Stalker

By Nadine McCrea | April 16th, 2010 at 8:45am

A real-estate stalker, that is.
And since today is Friday, you know what that means: time to troll the internet sites and The Real Estate News newspaper for Open Houses! I'm not really interested in actually moving, but I do so love looking at other people's decorating. My husband definitely does NOT enjoy looking at other people's homes like I do. I can only get him to spend a Sunday afternoon with me if he owes me. Big time. Like the time I had to attend the (most boring ever) boat show. Oh yeah, he went Open Housing that time.
This weekend is especially exciting because a neighbour in our complex has put their unit on the market and this Sunday their Realtor is hosting an Open House! This particular unit happens to be the same floor plan as ours. Even better. Since the unit is listed for $15,ooo more than we purchased ours only a year ago, I MUST compare them. Strictly for investment reasons only, of course. ;)
As well, our old former (not-so-old as they're the same age as us) neighbours, Tannis and Ritchie have their house on the market and they are hosting their first Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday, April 17 and 18, 2010 from 12-4 pm. They used to be our "next-door" neighbours (or as "next-door" as you can get in the country) and they have a beautiful home and three acres of gorgeous landscape. You can check them out here. As an added bonus, Tannis and Ritchie will be your new neighbours as well, as they are only moving to the adjacent land that used to belong to Ritchie's mom! You definitely can't beat that deal! And yes, that is their house at the top of this post!
See you there!

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