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Nadine McCrea

Happy Mother's Day

By Nadine McCrea | May 9th, 2010 at 8:59am

Since I have already written about my mother, I thought I'd share something from one of my children. Both my kids have turned out to be amazing people. I am a very proud mother! Today, I am focusing only on my daughter, because my son has recently moved out of the family home, and I have no photographs of his home to share with you. But here is a picture of him in Mexico this past Christmas. Handsome, isn't he?

My daughter shares my love and interest in interior design. She was adamant, when we moved into our condo, that she decorate her room right away. It helps her to feel "at home".

Her comforter was a (very nice) chocolate brown and lime green stripe from (no longer available). She wanted her room to feel fresh and bright and, since she loves the colour green, she decided to paint her room Benjamin Moore Wales Green. She painted it (mostly) herself, with only a tiny bit of whining. :) Both the kids have grown-up in renovation-mode and they are each quite handy.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the green and brown bedroom. The Horsey-Girl saw a black and white printed bed set from Walmart. It was love at first sight. And the price was reasonable.
Since the room was already painted the fabulous green, it was going to stay that way!
We decided the small room could use a focal point, so we decided to use a wall tattoo (which is just another name for a huge stencil) from Benjamin Moore as a "headboard". (She doesn't like real headboards; I guess we all have our quirks). We decided the colour could be a fuschia as a counter point to the black, white and green. We had an existing can of paint in that colour.
Ta da!
Here is her room:

I discussed the lampshades project here.

Notice the beautiful black doors:

A view of her shelves, installed by her dad. Perfect for displaying horsey stuff.

The view to the door.

A close-up of the shelves. The riding boots are actually a Christmas ornament, meant to hang on the tree, but she loves them and wants to look at them year-round. (Thanks for the gift, Kellie!)

A better look at her art work, purchased at a song from Home Sense.

Her room is small, but cozy and she has made it all her own. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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