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Nadine McCrea

Now You See It, Now You Don't!

By Nadine McCrea | September 6th, 2011 at 9:08am

This is a little project I tackled this weekend. It is a wall in my dining room. I had had my eye on these cute little prints for awhile now. They were only$5/each at my local grocery store. Here's a close-up of them:

Lily of the Valley (which happens to be my sorority's signature flower)

A wild rose...
and a fruit of some kind. I guess I fail at Botany 101.

And this is why I was looking at these cute little prints - I REALLYREALLYREALLY need to cover up this - my big, deep dark secret....

Cue scary slasher movie music....
Yeah, that's the thermostat to our gas fireplace. I seriously searched high and low for a replacement -EVERYWHERE! And I asked Jack if we could just replace it with a switch. He told me it was possible, but then it would be impossible to regulate the temperature of the fireplace. I knew it just had to be hidden away from sight, much like a safe in a mansion. (haha)
I went back to the grocery store where the prints were now $1.99 each. Yup. Two bucks. It was a sign! So I screwed 2 little hinges on the back of the print and then to the wall.
Presto - Hide-o!

Goodbye eyesore! and for under 6 dollars. What's not to like?

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