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Nadine McCrea

It only took 20 months....

By Nadine McCrea | November 21st, 2012 at 5:51am

but we have working pot lights and NO MORE popcorn ceiling in our dining room!

It started in March 2011 when Jack was working in Italy and the Horsey Girl and I decided to scrape off the "popcorn" - just because we hate it so much ;P
That was a brutal job - and we got really uneven results.
We ended up gletting very thin drywall and screwing the boards directly to the ceiling. Of course, we had the Creative One help out - we definitely needed some brute strength so the CO and I held the sheets up and Jack screwed them in. So brutal.
The pot lights were ALL Jack's doing. He had everything pre-wired before the drywall went up, but in this, um, let's call it "math-challenged" house, figuring out where to cut out the holes for the pots was definitely the worst part.

But even though it took way longer than we had originally thought, the results are amazing - the smooth ceiling makes the whole house look fresher and more modern and lighting - never underestimate the power of lighting. Lots of atmosphere...

Happy Wednesday!

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